Trust and credit

BiennaLegis puts great emphasis on your trust and credit, reason why we endeavour to personally connect with our clients. Of course, we are at your disposal by phone, but we prefer to interact personally. Your trust is our most important capital.


Our services are easily accessible and on a low threshold level: All you need to do is to give us a phone call or to contact us by written form and we will gladly set an appointment.


Our mission is to provide you a reliable and solid forecast of your processual prospects and  risks, all of that at a low outlay and low amount of time and labor. Our services will enable you to quickly decide whether it is profitable to engage a lawyer for a lawsuit or not.


There are outstandingly complicated and extensive cases that will require very specific expertise as well as specific technical and personnel resources, which can't be provided by us at every time and in every case. If confronted with such complex, extensive and highly valued cases, we will sincerely communicate to you and justify when it is inevitable to therefor engage a specialised lawyer.